Fellows Review Task Force – Member Comment

A new task force has been appointed and work is now underway to review and suggest improvements for the AGU Union Fellows Program. All AGU members are invited to submit comments and suggestions to the task force. All input will remain anonymous.

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The Fellows Program Review Task Force is charged with reviewing the current AGU Fellows selection process and making recommendations to the Honors and Recognition committee for any potential changes that might improve perceived gaps in the selection of interdisciplinary science candidates, female candidates, or candidates from other underrepresented groups, while maintaining current Fellows prestige. The group’s work will examine items such as the following:

  • Data from Fellows’ selection processes for the past several years to determine if the program is operating maximally in terms of the relevant goals of the Union’s Strategic Plan and how science is evolving.
  • The current process of selection based on section and focus group membership.
  • The current use of allocated quotas in the selection process.
  • The process for carry-over nominations that are not successful in a given year.
  • The role of the h index in selecting AGU Fellows.
  • The current AGU outreach practices to solicit Fellows nominations.
  • Best practices of other scientific societies for selecting candidates to receive highest scientific honor.

Questions? Please contact AGUFellowsReview@agu.org.