Jim Lebans, Jim Handman, Bob McDonald, and Zerah Lurie


Jim Lebans, Jim Handman, Bob McDonald, and Zerah Lurie of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio’s Quirks & Quarks program received the Walter Sullivan Award at the Joint Assembly, held 26 May 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lebans, Handman, McDonald, and Lurie were honored for “Canada 2050: Our Future in a Changing Climate,” an eight-part, audio portrait of Canada after 4 decades of expected climate change, depicted through the words of Canadian scientists at the forefront of predicting climate, ecological, and societal transformations.


It is an enormous honor for me to provide this citation for the presentation of the 2009 Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism to Jim Handman, Jim Lebans, Zerah Lurie, and Bob McDonald for their radio production “Canada 2050: Our Future in a Changing Climate.” Many Canadians, like me, have grown up listening to Canada’s national science radio... Read More »


First, I would like to thank AGU for honoring us, once again, with this prestigious award. We have been very lucky, over the past 35 years, to have won many awards for science journalism from colleagues across the world. But the Walter Sullivan Award is special: It comes from the scientists themselves. And as a science journalist, there is no... Read More »


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