Patricia Hofer Reiff


Patricia Hofer Reiff received the Athelstan Spilhaus Award for Enhancement of the Public Understanding of Earth and Space Science at the Joint Assembly, held 26 May 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The award honors "individuals who have devoted portions of their lives to expressing the excitement, significance, and beauty of the Earth and space sciences to the general public."


Patricia Reiff has been active in space research for over 35 years, and has always worked to encourage others to learn and appreciate science. Even as a graduate student, she volunteered as a speaker for public events such as Astronomy Day, for continuing education courses at schools, and as a science fair judge. She received the first U.S. National Science... Read More »


Thank you so much for this honor. It is especially gratifying to be nominated by the first awardee, Bob Eather, who set a standard for excellence and dedication. His speech quoted Athelstan Spilhaus, who said, "Work and play should be basically indistinguishable." To me, life is science, a series of mysteries to solve, and then to share. I grew up... Read More »


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