2015 AGU Union Medal, Award, and Prize Recipients Announced

The Honors and Recognition Committee and the Union Selection committees are please to announce the recipients of the American Geophysical Union’s 2015 Union medals, awards, and prizes.

AGU’s vision is to collaboratively advance and communicate science and its power to ensure a sustainable future. Our honorees’ achievements help build the foundations on which we will realize that vision.

Profound Impact

In an environment that encourages experimentation, innovation, and the free exchange of ideas, these outstanding contributors to the Earth and space sciences thrive. Their work has a profound impact on the ways we live and think.

We thank all who have given their support and commitment to AGU’s honors program, including volunteers who serve on the medals, awards, and prizes selection committees that have chosen this year’s Union honorees. We also thank the nominators and supporters who made this all possible with their dedicated efforts to recognize their colleagues.

Celebrate at Fall Meeting

We look forward to celebrating the honorees’ breakthrough achievements and exceptional work at the Honors Ceremony and Banquet, to be held on 16 December 2015 at the Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

Please join us in congratulating our esteemed class of 2015 Union honorees listed below. Next week, on 28 July, AGU will also announce its newly elected 2015 Union Fellows – a class of 60 this year.


William Bowie Medal

Wilfried H. Brutsaert, Cornell University

James B. Macelwane Medal

Paul Cassak, West Virginia University
Bethany L. Ehlmann, California Institute of Technology
Colette L. Heald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matthew G. Jackson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Katharine Maher, Stanford University

John Adam Fleming Medal

Andrew F. Nagy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Maurice Ewing Medal

Russ E. Davis, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Robert E. Horton Medal

Günter Blöschl, Vienna University of Technology

Harry H. Hess Medal

Claude P. Jaupart, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Roger Revelle Medal

Anne M. Thompson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Inge Lehmann Medal

Peter Olson, Johns Hopkins University


Ambassador Award

Charles R. Chappell, Vanderbilt University
Lucile Jones, U.S. Geological Survey
Gordon McBean, University of Western Ontario

Edward A. Flinn III Award

Sonia Esperanca and Robin L. Reichlin, National Science Foundation

Charles S. Falkenberg Award

Benjamin L. Preston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Athelstan Spilhaus Award

Holly Robin Gilbert, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

International Award

Peter John Webster

Robert C. Cowen Award for Sustained Achievement in Science Journalism

Andrew Revkin, The New York Times

Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism – Features

Douglas Fox, Freelance Writer

David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism – News

Sandi Doughton, The Seattle Times


The Asahiko Taira International Scientific Ocean Drilling Research Prize

Fumio Inagaki, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Climate Communication Prize

Richard C. J. Somerville, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

— Margaret Leinen, AGU President, and Sam Mukasa, Chair, Honors and Recognition Committee; email: [email protected]