AGU Honors Program Policies

AGU’s Conflict of Interest Policy for the Honors program can be found here.

AGU’s Naming Policy for Union Honors can be found here.

Discontinuation of the Holdover Policy for Union medals, awards and prize nominations.

  • Starting in January 2015, AGU honors will not allow any holdovers to be carried over for the following award cycle. All unsuccessful nominations will have to be resubmitted through the online nomination submission system. This new online system allows the committee to give specific feedback to nominators on how to improve their nomination packages.
  • For Section awards and lectures, nominations can be held over for no more than one year after the original date of submission. A holdover nomination is one that is competitive and can be carried over to the next award cycle without any updates. However, the Honors and Recognition Committee recommend that updates are made.

Co-Nominator/Co-Supporter Policy: In addition to a nominator, a nomination package can only have one co-nominator and three supporters.

Posthumous Policy: Posthumous nominations are not allowed, but will be considered if the nomination was submitted when the nominee was still alive.

Multiple Nominations for a Single Candidate: Two or more nominations for a single candidate for a given award will NOT be considered. If separate packages are received, the nominators will be asked to combine them.