• AGU Medals: Scientific body of work in Earth and space sciences
  • AGU Awards: Related to Science and Society and Talent Pool
  • AGU Prizes: Done jointly with non-profit, for-profit, government and NGO entities; significant funding


The American Geophysical Union Medals are among the most esteemed in all of Earth and Space sciences, and the highest honors bestowed by the Union. The AGU medals recognize individuals for their scientific body of work, lifetime achievements, and sustained impact across the Union.

Medalists remind us of the enormous impact scientific innovation can have when it is allowed to flourish. These individuals are the giants on whose shoulders the next generation of scientists will stand. Their innovation and discovery have changed the way we view the world around us and their achievements have benefited humankind immeasurably.


The American Geophysical Union awards and prizes recognizes distinguished scientists, leaders, educators, and communicators, whose outreach to the scientific community and general public help to promote and highlight the importance of the Earth and Space sciences. These awards and prizes engage members, shape policy, and inform society about developing solutions for the sustainability of the planet.

Many of the individuals honored are noted for their passion for research, generous collaboration with colleagues, and dedication to their institutions and students. Some contribute to the understanding of science from other fields, such as journalism and new media. All further our appreciation of the power of science to improve our lives and our communities.