Defining Characteristics/Criteria

Union Medals are the highest honors bestowed by AGU and recognizes individuals for their scientific body of work as well as their sustained impact within the Earth and space sciences community.

Union Fellows have attained scientific eminence in the Earth and space sciences through achievements in research, as demonstrated by one or more of the following: 1) breakthrough or discovery; 2) innovation in disciplinary science, cross disciplinary science, instrument development, or methods development, and/or 3) sustained impact. To see details on Fellows, click here.

Union Awards are related to AGU’s strategic goals in Science and Society and Talent Pool, and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in scientific research, education, communication, and outreach. To see all AGU awards, click here.

Union Prizes are done jointly with non-profit, for-profit, government and NGO entities, and includes significant funding to recognize individuals who showcase excellence in scientific research and communication. To see all AGU prizes, click here.

Section Honors AGU sections recognize outstanding work within their scientific field by hosting nearly 25 named lecture presentations as well as awarding over 30 awards and prizes annually. Awardees – in various stages of their careers – and named lecturers – that represent some of the most innovative minds in their fields – are selected for contributing meritorious work or service toward the advancement and promotion of discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity.