Naming Policy for AGU Union Honors

This policy is established in order to provide for an orderly, coordinated, and informed practice of proposing and naming new AGU Union honors, in such a manner as to ensure the appropriate recognition of the traditions and values of AGU and the alignment with the overall mission and goals of the Honors Program.

The following are guidelines applicable to naming new AGU Union honors:

  1. AGU recognizes the desire to name a new AGU honor after a prominent individual. Persons may be honored with naming opportunities ONLY after their death. For memorial naming, a three-year waiting period shall be observed after the death of the individual before considering his or her name for such distinction.
  2. Naming new awards for an individual is an honor that forges a link between the individual and the organization; therefore, careful considerations must be given to ensure that the individuals whose names are chosen for these AGU honors are recognized to have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of geophysical sciences, to serving the community, or to the public’s understanding of science.
  3. The name proposed for this new honor should not overlap or duplicate with any existing awards of any institution, organization or entity, so as not to confuse the scope of the existing awards or diminish their prestige.