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Study of the Earth's Deep Interior

The section of Studies of the Earth’s deep interior (SEDI) is dedicated to understanding the internal structure of the Earth (and other bodies) at depths inaccessible by direct sampling. A primary goal of SEDI is to address fundamental questions about the origin, evolution, composition and dynamics of Earth’s interior.

SEDI involves a wide range of disciplines that address some of the most fundamental questions regarding the origin, evolution, composition, and dynamics of our planet. SEDI scientists use a number of different approaches including global seismology, geomagnetism, surface topography and gravity, mineral physics experiments, geochemistry, and geodynamic models to investigate the depths inaccessible to direct sampling at spatial scales ranging from the sub-mineral scale to many thousands of kilometers. SEDI provides AGU a vibrant and active forum for groups from different disciplines to share and integrate their research to gain a more complete understanding of the deep Earth.

The Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior (SEDI) section has established an award to (1) promote SEDI research to the broader community; (2) promote interaction among SEDI members; and (3) early career development for students studying the Earth’s deep interior. Details about this honor are provided below.