Benoít-Bird Receives 2008 Ocean Sciences Early Career Award

benoit-bird_kellyKelly Benoít-Bird received the 2008 Ocean Sciences Early Career Award at the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held 17 December in San Francisco, Calif. The award recognizes significant contributions to and promise in the ocean sciences. Benoít-Bird’s response to receiving the award follows.


Thank you to the colleagues who supported my nomination and the Ocean Sciences section for selecting me for this year’s Early Career Award. I am so privileged to spend my days (and often nights) doing a job I love. One of the things I enjoy most about being in the interdisciplinary field of oceanography is working as part of a group of scientists whose strengths complement each other, bringing about ideas and results that would not have been possible without teamwork. I am lucky to collaborate with wonderful people who both challenge and inspire me. Special thanks to Whitlow Au, Van Holliday, Oscar Schofield, Margaret McManus, Tim Cowles, Mark Moline, William Gilly, Mark Benfield, Scott Heppell, and Ron Kastelein and each of their research groups. I would like to thank all of my colleagues in the College of Oceanic and Atmos-pheric Sciences at Oregon State University who continue every day to foster the culture of collaboration that is a tradition at OSU. Upon arriving in Corvallis 4 years ago, I had been in my new office for less than 2 hours when I was approached by a senior colleague who wanted to get me excited about an idea for a collaborative proposal. That doesn’t happen everywhere, and it is truly a gift. I also need to thank the collaborators who work with me most closely—my students—and in whose achievements I find the greatest satisfaction. A special thank-you to my husband and research technician, Chad Waluk, who makes 3 months per year of at-sea research possible and who fills those months, and the ones in between, with laughter. Finally, there could be no greater honor than to have my work recognized by all of you, my peers and my role models in ocean sciences.

Kelly Benoít-Bird, Oregon State University, Corvallis