Weber Receives the 2014 Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award

Rodney Weber received the 2014 Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award at the 2014 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, held 15–19 December in San Francisco, Calif. The award recognizes “research contributions by exceptional mid-career scientists in the fields of atmospheric and climate sciences.”

Weber_Rodney-Ascent_Award_SIZEDWe congratulate Professor Rodney Weber, winner of a 2014 Ascent Award, “for outstanding contributions to the modeling of aerosol properties and their impact on climate in the troposphere and lower stratosphere.”

—Peter Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta




I feel very privileged to receive this award from the American Geophysical Union Atmospheric Sciences section and am truly indebted to those who committed their valuable time and effort into putting together my nomination.  Receiving the award is a highlight of my research career and provides motivation to continue to pursue topics of interest to me in my own way.  Of course, what successes I have had are largely due to the people I have worked with and the generosity of the community of scientists in my research area.  This started from Virgil Marple taking me on as new graduate student with dubious background to Peter McMurry, my Ph.D. advisor, who was a role model and provided guidance and opportunities primed for success.  After graduate school it was my many friends and colleagues at Brookhaven National Laboratory who showed by example the effort and rigor needed to do good science.  But having spent most of my career at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), it is the efforts of my graduate students and postdocs and collaborations with Georgia Tech colleagues that have contributed the most.  All of this would have been impossible and meaningless without the support of my family.  I thank you all.

—Rodney J. Weber, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta